Op-Shops in Nelson

A Guide to Op Shops in the Nelson/ Tasman Region 

         Update - i took them in a bag of clothing and asked to have a look . They have a sweet wee shed with an awesome wee set up! Worth a rummage and the money goes straight back into the Women's Centre! 

  • SPCA Op Shop  - HAS MOVED TO 21 Vanguard St(will post a new photo soon)
             Affordable Op Shop, Great selection, Friendly Staff, Regular FreeBin.
           Always has a '$2 fill a bag" bin, that get's topped up daily!

  • Red Cross - 76 Vanguard St / 59 Parkers Road Tahuna / 276 Queen St , Richmond
        Regular Freebin

       Bargains to be rummaged, Regular Freebin - Richmond shop is FAB

  • Salvation Army - 34 Vanguard St / 273 Queen St, Richmond / 6 Greenwood St, Motueka
     Higher prices, but still a bargain to be found, Regular $1 rack

  • The Hospice Shop -    110 Bridge St /  218 Queen St, Richmond /  202 High St, Motueka   /  29 Commercial St, Golden Bay
        Higher prices , Regular Freebin ,
       Bargain to be rummaged! One of my personal faves, have found many a treasure here.                              Has an 'end of season" 50c sale - where everything in store becomes 50c or fill a bag for $4 for a whole week.

             Divided into The Front Shop and The Back Shop - So many treasures to be found!

         Happens every fine Sunday - basically it's a huge flea market , many treasures to be rummaged


  1. Ahh, this is a great idea! I must do one for North Canterbury!

  2. thanks for this, it's been very helpful to me in navigating around the op shop scene!

    1. Great!! I'm about to update it!! :)

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